Through simple, inexpensive techniques, Lightsolutions can upgrade your existing lighting installation to one which is energy efficient and cost effective to combat ever increasing energy costs. There are three basic ways to improve energy efficiency:

  • Replace existing fittings with Bluetooth wireless versions
  • Retrofit luminaires to LED
  • Install PIR or microwave sensors for light, presence & absence detection


Lightsolutions is a recognised supplier of quality Emergency Lighting equipment to lighting suppliers, electrical contractors and specialised electrical wholesalers.

Dali & Central Battery Systems

We differentiate ourselves from other Emergency Lighting suppliers by the superior levels of expertise and service that we offer. We consistently offer superior emergency lighting design, service and manufacture of quality emergency lighting systems to suit every conceivable lighting application which includes Dali & Central battery.


We provide an overnight conversion facility of light fittings to emergency operation, covering the full range of fluorescent and LED luminaires to ICEL 1004.

Luminaires are converted integrally where possible using the latest technology in high frequency control gear. Remote conversions are housed in a steel enclosure and fitted on a 0.5 metre loom.

Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal halide batteries are used for all emergency conversions operating in maintained mode for three hours as standard.


Lightsolutions offers a turnkey solution, providing expert advice on emergency lighting project design, commissioning and preventative maintenance.

I.S. 3217:2013+A1:2017

It is a legal requirement that the emergency lighting in all public premises is compliant with I.S. 3217:2013. This includes after the initial commissioning, routine testing at regular intervals. Lightsolutions has an experienced FETAC qualified team of engineers who can provide a programme of routine maintenance on all emergency lighting products & systems.

After an initial installation a three hour duration test is required and a commissioning certificate is issued to the client before a building can be occupied. This commissioning certificate, issued by Lightsolutions, along with as-installed drawings and a log book, ensures that the installation complies with the current standards.

Our Client Base includes:


We are partners with all the leading wholesalers in Ireland offering emergency lighting products, systems and service.

Facilities Managers

We provide a one-stop solution for facility managers including emergency lighting repairs and ECG (Electronic Control Gear)

Consulting Engineers

We can provide consultants with technical information for emergency lighting products and controls which comply with industry standards and regulations, to assist in the design process.


We have an architectural range of products and a bespoke consultancy facility to assist in project design.


We deliver electrical contractors the right emergency lighting solutions to ensure emergency lighting compliance and certification on time.